We unlock intrinsic values through dedicated activist strategies.

We’re willing to invest in deeply undervalued stocks in Japan. Enthusiastic to discuss with the management how to increase their shareholders' value.


Professional Activism

A full line-up of activist campaigns can be launched in addition to formal shareholder proposals at AGMs.

Sophisticated analysis

Focuses on key ESG (Environment, Social, Societal and Governance) issues. Identifies deeply undervalued shares taking into account a fundamental perspective.

Undeterred Dialogue

Manages a long-term fund and is entirely owned by the founder. Encourages management to maximise shareholders' value as long as it realises.

Japan oriented

Believes in the opportunities for Japanese listed companies which are left deeply undervalued in the market. Our goal is to unlock the value as if it were a ladybird in the equity market.


Our campaigns

Summarises the issues and our solutions regarding the targeted company. Timely updates on current dialogues, additional campaigns and etc.

Latest news
12.4.2023Updated our campaign website (Shareholder proposals)
23.3.2023Unveiled the Shareholder Activism Outsourcing Service [LINK]
10.3.2023Submitted our opinion of the Fair Acquisition Study Group, METI [FILE]
11.1.2023Updated our campaign website (Recent dialogues)
23.12.2022Disclosure of our campaign website
13.12.2022 Disclosure of our website


Nanahoshi Management Ltd.


2-13-22 Higashinakano, Nakanoku, Tokyo, Japan, 164-0003


Founder / CEO

Satoru Matsuhashi, CFA, CESGA

代表取締役 松橋 理

He has 14 years of experience in equity investment as a fund manager and research analyst. He recently worked as a shareholder activism professional in Japan.
He earned Masters in Finance at London Business School, holds Investment Management Diploma (ESG) from CFA UK, and received Sustainability and Climate Risk Certificate (SCR) from GARP.